Saturday, June 25, 2011

// Tempo Doeloe - Indonesian //

5090 Buford Hwy, Ste 110 DoravilleGA 3034

outside in the parking lot

the scene

$4.99 you-pick-three. Chicken curry, beef rendang and something else, I forget.

Indonesian fried chicken (comes w/spicy soup)

Indonesian fast food is basically what this spot is all about. It's casual sit-in dining if you choose, or you can easily take it to-go. The staff was super-friendly and pleasantly answered any questions we had about the menu. I basically pointed to a lot of things on the "photo" menu and asked what they were and 95% of the time, they said "fish cake". They have a variety of main dishes already ready to go right at the register. You can choose 3 for $4.99. What a bargain, right?! Comes with white rice of course. Another thing I didn't know until I tried their food, was that Indonesian spicy is basically like Thai hot. The soup that came with my fried chicken platter looked unassuming. It was a clear broth with half of a corn cob in there. I dug into it like normal and my mouth was on fire. Super spicy! I know I'm Vietnamese and everything, but I am a weakling when it comes to eating anything spicy. Everyone always gives me a surprised reaction when I admit I can't eat it. Hmph! You know, supertasters are known to not be able to handle the heat when it comes to food, too. ;]

Definitely check this place out next time you're on Buford Hwy. It's in a newer plaza and they also have an Indonesian grocery mart right next to the restaurant.

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