Thursday, June 16, 2011

// sweet Korean fried chicken //

sweet Korean fried chicken wings

double-fried (pre-sauce)

boiling the sauce to thicken

sauce meets fried wings

These are by far THE best wings I've eaten in awhile. It's the perfect crispiness and the sauce is killer. This recipe calls for a double-frying method, which ironically is less greasy than if you only fry it once. Also, I rarely fry anything in my kitchen, since I have a small loft space and am always afraid of smelling like grease for a week, but this actually left no smell evidence. Shocking, I know! Oh, and the sliced ginger in the sauce makes such a difference, too. After thickening in the sauce, it basically turns candy-like. Sooooo good! Please. Try. ASAP.

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