Tuesday, November 17, 2009

// wonton soup //

These cold/rainy days make me crave more soupy dishes. I suddenly got a craving for homemade wonton soup, so I made my 1st attempt the other week. Came out pretty good (pats self on back) for my purst time! I added fresh egg noodles from the refrigerated section at the Asian market (only takes 2-3 minutes to cook in boiling water). I didn't make the chicken stock myself, just used chicken broth. Make sure that when you boil the wontons (and noodles), to do it seperate or else it'll soak up most of the chicken broth. Also, I think that chicken bouillon cubes have better flavor than chicken broth bought in the box or can. I added baby bok choy in the mix as well. Here's a basic recipe using shrimp and ground pork. I actually reheated this for breakfast the next day, but was running really late and threw it in some tupperware. Ended up digging into it in my car while stuck in traffic. I must've looked REALLY Asian eating noodles and wontons in the car vs. other ppl eating breakfast sandwiches and poptarts.