Monday, June 27, 2011

// eggs-in-a-basket //

 Challah bread, but you can use any sliced bread

bread goes in 1st, then crack egg into it


furikake aka rice seasoning - found in Japanese section of market

Krazy Jane salt mix // great multi-purpose seasoning 

If you've ever stayed at Hotel Nellex (my apt), chances are you've had eggs-in-a-basket either for b'fast or for your 4th meal. Or sometimes even both. What can I say? It tastes even better after a long night of drinking/partying and it helps to sop up the alcohol. ^_^ I put Maggi soy sauce seasoning on it and that totally makes a difference. Also, an optional add-on is furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), but careful not too put too much or else it can be too salty. I usually prefer beef bacon with this, but only had ham lunch meat in the fridge this time.

Ingredients: sliced bread, eggs, butter, Maggi seasoning


1) butter pan on medium-high heat
2) tear or cut holes out of sliced bread (golfball-sized or a lil bit more)
3) place 2 slices of bread at once into pan - add bread hole pieces (that you tore/cut out) on the side, too
4) crack an egg in each hole in the bread
5) fry until bread is toasted on bottom, then flip (remember to flip bread hole pieces, too)
6) watch until bottom side is toasted
7) remove and serve with a few splashes of Maggi/Krazy Jane seasoningI

Saturday, June 25, 2011

// Tempo Doeloe - Indonesian //

5090 Buford Hwy, Ste 110 DoravilleGA 3034

outside in the parking lot

the scene

$4.99 you-pick-three. Chicken curry, beef rendang and something else, I forget.

Indonesian fried chicken (comes w/spicy soup)

Indonesian fast food is basically what this spot is all about. It's casual sit-in dining if you choose, or you can easily take it to-go. The staff was super-friendly and pleasantly answered any questions we had about the menu. I basically pointed to a lot of things on the "photo" menu and asked what they were and 95% of the time, they said "fish cake". They have a variety of main dishes already ready to go right at the register. You can choose 3 for $4.99. What a bargain, right?! Comes with white rice of course. Another thing I didn't know until I tried their food, was that Indonesian spicy is basically like Thai hot. The soup that came with my fried chicken platter looked unassuming. It was a clear broth with half of a corn cob in there. I dug into it like normal and my mouth was on fire. Super spicy! I know I'm Vietnamese and everything, but I am a weakling when it comes to eating anything spicy. Everyone always gives me a surprised reaction when I admit I can't eat it. Hmph! You know, supertasters are known to not be able to handle the heat when it comes to food, too. ;]

Definitely check this place out next time you're on Buford Hwy. It's in a newer plaza and they also have an Indonesian grocery mart right next to the restaurant.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

// sweet Korean fried chicken //

sweet Korean fried chicken wings

double-fried (pre-sauce)

boiling the sauce to thicken

sauce meets fried wings

These are by far THE best wings I've eaten in awhile. It's the perfect crispiness and the sauce is killer. This recipe calls for a double-frying method, which ironically is less greasy than if you only fry it once. Also, I rarely fry anything in my kitchen, since I have a small loft space and am always afraid of smelling like grease for a week, but this actually left no smell evidence. Shocking, I know! Oh, and the sliced ginger in the sauce makes such a difference, too. After thickening in the sauce, it basically turns candy-like. Sooooo good! Please. Try. ASAP.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

// spaghetti carbonara //

Boar's Head pancetta

spaghetti carbonara

spring salad w/apple & roasted shallot vinaigrette

fresh watermelon

I kept seeing recipes for Spaghetti Carbonara pop up on random food sites and after seeing so many pictures of the dish, I started craving it. This is a first time dish for me - in eating it AND making it. I've always seen it on Italian menus, but it just seemed too heavy for me. After much research for an authentic recipe, the original one seems to not have any cream in it at all. Supposedly, it's an American addition...go figure. Guess it's like adding cream cheese to sushi rolls. I added a spring salad and some fresh watermelon for dessert. This mid-90 degree weather 24/7 is just too much. I really need a chill-cation. Anyway, if you're down for some good ol' comfort food, this dish is basically pasta, bacon, cheese and egg. The standards for things that are good and bad for you. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

// Pura Vida restaurant //

steamed coconut buns // $10 //smoked pilón pork belly, tamarind sauce, shaved cabbage, cilantro & pickled chiles

aguacate criollo // $7 //avocado, lime "caviar", piquillo agridulce jelly, chorizo chips, cilantro & avocado oil

churro w/dipping sauce

Although Pura Vida isn't a brand new restaurant, Top Chef definitely made us ATL'ns more excited about revisiting this tapas spot for Chef Hector Santiago's food creations. I've been here a few times a few years back, went for one of my gf's birthdays. The night we went, there happened to be some Bacardi promotion and we both won two gift cards for future visits. I had an issue using it a year or so later since it had been so long, but the manager was very accommodating and even remembered the promo night. She told me to give a call next time I come in and she would validate the gift card. So, I actually tried the next time with my gf who's birthday I had won it with and we happily chowed down for free, basically. You know everything tastes better when it's free! The pork buns are my favorite, but other great dishes are the "bbq" beef rib and cangrejo "tater tots". Still need to try a lot of the other items on the menu. Check 'em out here :

Saturday, June 11, 2011

// bulgogi banh mi //

This was one of those lazy dishes that came from using leftover French bread and pre-made bulgogi meat from Super H Mart. Just go to the refrigerated meats section and you can find different pre-marinated versions of beef or pork. Super cheap and easy to cook. You can always freeze them for future use like I do. Always handy for those days where you work late and don't have time to prep anything. The only thing that could've made this banh-mi better would've been the pickled veggies (carrots/radishes) aka "do chua". I just used what I had in the fridge on the toasted baguette -  Kewpie mayo and cilantro.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

// mint julep //

Fancy having a fancy cocktail? Just because there's herbs in your drank doesn't mean it's too complicated to make at home. Luckily, my friend is a skilled bartender at Soundtable and even when we're just hanging out at home he is like the Iron Chef of drinks. He can make us something that tastes good AND looks fancy from whatever we have around. We had to make do and make mint juleps with some of my birthday Jameson (I got tons of booze for my 30th). Here's a proper recipe and here's something that sounds less complicated, but I think they're basically the same thing. Just have a few and you probably won't be able to tell...or you just won't care. ;]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

// farfalle w/peas & pancetta //

Burp . I literally just made and ate this. It's THAT good that I'm posting this recipe immediately. The only thing that's missing in the instructions is the amount of farfalle pasta. The recipe makes enough for about 3-4 servings, so I used 4 cups of pasta (measured uncooked). You can always tweak it with more cream or cheese at the end if it looks too dry or the pasta needs more coverage. The freshly grated Parmesan cheese makes a difference, too. Living in Atlanta, chain restaurants are usually shunned upon and you'd have to drive out to the suburbs to find places like The Cheesecake Factory. A few of my friends and I go there as a guilty pleasure (it gets pricey and it's too far away). My favorite dish there is the "farfalle with chicken and roasted garlic". This dish satisfies that craving for sure and is waaaay cheaper!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

// Rolo cupcakes //

What's wrong with this picture? No frosting? Yeah, it may be wrong to some people, but I personally don't really eat the frosting most of the time. I'm not even a big sweets person, but I have my moments. This cupcake was inspired by my friend Julie, who came up to visit during her food blog convention and she made Reese's cupcakes for us literally before she left for her flight back home. I just used the cake recipe, but she has a great frosting recipe for the peanut butter lovers as well. I'm sure you can get creative and use a caramel frosting if you want to top it off. Rolo's have been one of those candies that I usually will eat if it's in front of me. Chocolate's not a huge priority for me, but I DO like the ones w/toffee, caramel or mint. Might try a version with almond roca or Skor bars next...