Monday, June 13, 2011

// Pura Vida restaurant //

steamed coconut buns // $10 //smoked pilón pork belly, tamarind sauce, shaved cabbage, cilantro & pickled chiles

aguacate criollo // $7 //avocado, lime "caviar", piquillo agridulce jelly, chorizo chips, cilantro & avocado oil

churro w/dipping sauce

Although Pura Vida isn't a brand new restaurant, Top Chef definitely made us ATL'ns more excited about revisiting this tapas spot for Chef Hector Santiago's food creations. I've been here a few times a few years back, went for one of my gf's birthdays. The night we went, there happened to be some Bacardi promotion and we both won two gift cards for future visits. I had an issue using it a year or so later since it had been so long, but the manager was very accommodating and even remembered the promo night. She told me to give a call next time I come in and she would validate the gift card. So, I actually tried the next time with my gf who's birthday I had won it with and we happily chowed down for free, basically. You know everything tastes better when it's free! The pork buns are my favorite, but other great dishes are the "bbq" beef rib and cangrejo "tater tots". Still need to try a lot of the other items on the menu. Check 'em out here :

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