Wednesday, June 1, 2011

// Rolo cupcakes //

What's wrong with this picture? No frosting? Yeah, it may be wrong to some people, but I personally don't really eat the frosting most of the time. I'm not even a big sweets person, but I have my moments. This cupcake was inspired by my friend Julie, who came up to visit during her food blog convention and she made Reese's cupcakes for us literally before she left for her flight back home. I just used the cake recipe, but she has a great frosting recipe for the peanut butter lovers as well. I'm sure you can get creative and use a caramel frosting if you want to top it off. Rolo's have been one of those candies that I usually will eat if it's in front of me. Chocolate's not a huge priority for me, but I DO like the ones w/toffee, caramel or mint. Might try a version with almond roca or Skor bars next...