Monday, June 27, 2011

// eggs-in-a-basket //

 Challah bread, but you can use any sliced bread

bread goes in 1st, then crack egg into it


furikake aka rice seasoning - found in Japanese section of market

Krazy Jane salt mix // great multi-purpose seasoning 

If you've ever stayed at Hotel Nellex (my apt), chances are you've had eggs-in-a-basket either for b'fast or for your 4th meal. Or sometimes even both. What can I say? It tastes even better after a long night of drinking/partying and it helps to sop up the alcohol. ^_^ I put Maggi soy sauce seasoning on it and that totally makes a difference. Also, an optional add-on is furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), but careful not too put too much or else it can be too salty. I usually prefer beef bacon with this, but only had ham lunch meat in the fridge this time.

Ingredients: sliced bread, eggs, butter, Maggi seasoning


1) butter pan on medium-high heat
2) tear or cut holes out of sliced bread (golfball-sized or a lil bit more)
3) place 2 slices of bread at once into pan - add bread hole pieces (that you tore/cut out) on the side, too
4) crack an egg in each hole in the bread
5) fry until bread is toasted on bottom, then flip (remember to flip bread hole pieces, too)
6) watch until bottom side is toasted
7) remove and serve with a few splashes of Maggi/Krazy Jane seasoningI

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