Monday, May 30, 2011

// cute carrots //

Every time we go to my boyfriends parents' house in Deland, FL we never leave empty-handed. It's seriously not even an option. If you say "no", it just takes longer to leave. My family's the same way, but they're even worse because they'll send you back with cargo. I literally had to check-in a box of some Vietnamese pork product once when I was like 10 yrs old to take home from D.C. to Orlando, FL. Of course that was when airlines were not as strict about checked bags. My relatives would just tell me to tell the attendant I was checking in baby food. Really? It reeked of pork. Anyway, the carrots are from my boyfriend's parent's garden. Aren't they super cute? It's actually a smaller colander, too. So, the carrots are actually smaller than usual. Looks fake or something. Here are some tips for starting your own garden...even if you live in an apt like me!

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