Sunday, May 15, 2011

// Grant's Stack @ Homegrown //

If you've never been to Homegrown, it's definitely one of those places that make you feel like you're in a scene from some movie where you're at a restaurant in the mid-west. The typical customer ranges from the following descriptions:
  • hipster chicks that are wearing big shades indoors, high-waisted denim shorts and have big hair that looks like they haven't washed it in days - usually w/some grimy guy who
  • a young parent (usually w/out the other parent present) who brings their toddler in and usually sits at the bar cutting up their kids pancakes
  • old school folk who bring their families and everyone seems to be from another era to me
Basically, I feel like I've stepped into a Vice Magazine diner. 

The food here is pretty reasonable in price and the food is hangover friendly. Lots of grease to sop up last night's shenanigan's for sure.  A good choice would be the Grant's Stack sandwich pictured below. How can you go wrong with bacon and Texas toast? I've also had the Trix/Capt'n Crunch dessert awhile back (which is made like a Rice Krispies treat), but it wasn't around this morning. Although, I did see a huge plastic bag of the cereal mix in the kitchen on the way out. I think I subconsciously peek into the kitchens if I'm walking by (usually do that while I'm waiting for the bathroom). I like watching the chefs/cooks do their thing. Sometimes, they don't like me doing that though. That's when I scurry off.

go check 'em out:

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