Tuesday, May 10, 2011

// Star Provisions Market //

Star Provisions “Bahn Mi” with Glazed Pork Belly, Pickled Chili on Toasted Baguette $ 13.95

marinated mushrooms $ 8.95/lb.

sooooo thick & crispy!

Have you guys noticed that the Banh Mi (Vietnamese sub) has gotten a LOT of exposure w/in the past few years due to a lot of foodies bringing it to food shows and magazines? Obviously, I'm going to be biased b/c I grew up eating these (homemade) and you're never going to beat our family's recipe.  My parents used to sneak Banh Mi's into Disneyworld instead of paying for overpriced mediocre American food. I used to be embarassed, but if we could do that now, I'd be showing them off! HA! Anyway, I'm glad everyone's embraced this brilliant sandwich, but I have to admit I can be wary when restaurants throw their version of the "Banh Mi" on their menu. It always sounds interesting, but when I try it I'm always disappointed in the taste AND the price. Plus, they're like $2.50 each (buy 5 get one free) down on Buford Hwy in the Viet sub shops and then I go into that mode where I'm converting prices. "I can buy 3 banh mi's for the price of this one!"  I do that when I see the $5 hot dogs at the theater and convert it to the Ikea hot dog prices. Hehe. Ok, back to the main point of this post - Star Provisions Market actually does the Banh Mi some justice! I recently exposed my cousin (who lives  1.5 hours outside of ATL) to this sub and she was amazed at how legit it tasted (and she's SUPER picky about her Viet food) and immediately accused them (not to their face) of stealing her mom's recipe in between huge bites. Another huge plus is that their fried chicken is outta control amazing! I've never had skin so thick and crispy and the meat was juicy and flavored perfectly. I seriously went twice in one week and got the banh mi w/a side of fried chicken aka Nellie combo (only I would consider meat a side). They'll gladly heat up the chicken for you while they make your sub. If you haven't gone, please go. I know it's a splurge, but trust me....it's totally worth it!

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