Sunday, September 11, 2011

// salted caramel brownies //

eat your heart out

blending the ingredients

only had a heart-shaped pan around, doesn't mean anything ;]

making the caramel topping

smearing the top w/the caramel topping

you can't have just one bite!
So, after a hiatus on eating foods that are bad for you, or eating at all (spent 3 days in the hospital on an IV w/no food or drink recently)...this should suffice for my first post back. ;]

Made this for a dinner party recently, and we kept passing it around the table during a game of Yahtzee. Everyone was trying to diet! It was "Get this away from me!", then two minutes later that same person is spooning another bite. We made up a rule to take a shot of Crown if someone got Yahtzee and this brownie was the perfect chaser.

Feel free to make this and share, or keep it around and spoon at your own pace. You can find the recipe here.


  1. Yum brownies. Salted ruined it though - should just be caramel brownies :)