Tuesday, December 7, 2010

// grilled corn w/Vietnamese sauce //

This is easily one of my favorite foods that I grew up eating. My dad would actually just cut the kernels off of the cob, then grill in the oven. You can either grill it whole on the outside grill until it starts to char (you actually WANT some of the kernels to be dark brown or black) or you can do it stove top, too if you have one of these grill pans.

Living in a loft apt, I have to use the latter. It's pretty simple, you just grill the corn w/out the husks and use a heavy lid (I have a cast iron one that I use) to sit on the corn to push it down in the pan. Use medium heat (maybe high-medium depending on your stove). Again, you want it to be slightly charred in order to maximize the sweetness of the corn when you bite into it, plus the texture makes it THAT much more amazing. Remove from the pan and then cut off the kernels. There's some tools you can purchase to make it easier and this is the cheapest one I've seen for $2.99 that you can find at any kitchenware store.

Then you can serve the corn in small bowls and put about a teaspoon or 2 of this sauce over it and mix. Depends on how big your portion is, but you can just taste it to see if it's enough sauce. The recipe listed says "Cambodian", but we're neighbors so it's basically the same thing. ^_^

I remember calling it "lip gloss sauce" when I was a kid b/c if you eat it off the cob, it makes your lips all shiny from the oil. Hahahaha. Hope you like it!

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