Friday, December 17, 2010

// cheesy ramen //

Ok. I know this isn't a fancy meal or anything, but it has got to be one of the BEST things to eat after a long night of drinking/partying or if you're in need of some comfort food. Now, most Asians just know what this is because...well, we're Asian and we know how to use our resources. Kinda like Iron Chef when you're a poor college kid or after you've had one too many drinks and come home to a fridge with only the bare necessities. Just wanted to post this recipe since some non-AZN friends of mine were wondering how to make this.

I have used all kinds of Asian instant ramen. The best flavors to use are the beef or chicken. I particularly favor this one right now - Shirakiku Tokusen Sio Ramen.

You can basically tweak it with whatever spices you have in your pantry, but I just use half the packet of the ramen seasoning (not the soup base, just the spice) and sprinkle a lil bit of Krazy Jane salt on top.

  1. Boil water as you normally would to cook instant ramen.
  2. Cook noodles w/out any of the packets.
  3. Drain noodles.
  4. Add a pat of butter to the same pot (make sure it's dry).
  5. On low heat, add drained noodles back in pot. Stir w/the butter.
  6. Break up cheese (I use this brand, but you can use whatever cheese you have in the fridge) and mix w/the noodles until melted (over low - med heat).
  7. Stir in half of the spice packet that came w/the ramen and some ground pepper. Turn off heat.
  8. Nom nom nom!

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