Monday, August 26, 2013

// roasted chicken bread salad //

Y'all know how I'm not huge on salad unless it has a protein accompanying it. When I stumbled upon this bread salad recipe, I immediately was curious. Toasted buttered bread, roasted chicken thighs? How could you go wrong with that? The only substitution I did was that I used toasted sunflower seeds instead of the pine nuts that the recipe calls for. Next time, I think I'd also add some herbs de provence to the chicken while it's roasting, too. Also, the arugula to bread ratio could be changed to MORE arugula. I know, insane coming from my mouth, but it's better with more of the greens. For the bread, I used Publix's White Mountain Bread.  You need to hurry up and try this recipe. It was soooo good! Now THIS is a salad I could get down with. ;)

the roasted chicken thighs

the toasted white mountain bread scraps

mixin' the bread, arugula, vinegar + olive oil

the finished bread salad

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  1. I'm trying it right now! I've stuffed fresh time and sage under the skin of my chicken leg/thigh quarters and roasting at 450.