Saturday, January 21, 2012

// banh xeo //

My mom was visiting from Orlando for a few days, so I already had my food requests in before she even arrived. "Banh Xeo" is one of those dishes that are tricky to make (it's all about the batter, pan and technique). We usually just get the pre-packaged batter mix and then leave out the coconut milk that it says to add. Everyone tweaks it their own way, some add beer for crispiness and the filling also varies. My aunt used a lot more seafood - baby octopus/squid, shrimp, etc. I like mine pretty simple with just a little bit of pork, shrimp and a lot of bean sprouts. Unfortunately, I don't have a go-to recipe since I've tried it twice before without my mom's help and failed. Your best bet is to learn while watching a professional Vietnamese mom make it. It's also one of those dishes that one person is cooking while everyone else eats as it comes out. So, it's kind of chaotic in the kitchen and you will smell like banh xeo/oil for the rest of the night. Just a fair warning. Totally worth it, though. ;]

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