Thursday, September 2, 2010

// Asian Chicken Wings & Drumsticks //

Our friend Jerry was getting sent away to Afghanistan thru the military, so we won't see him for another year. We had FAM DIN in honor of him and even made him a lil memory book (thanks Suzuko for diligently sewing the book together) to take w/him. Come home safe, Jerry...we'll have a welcome back dinner fo'sho!

On the menu tonight: Asian style chicken wings/drumsticks and grilled corn on the cob w/special Vietnamese/Cambodian corn sauce. The sauce totally makes a difference! My dad used to grill the corn in the oven until it was slightly charred black on a few sides, then slice the kernels off w/a knife...then drizzle the sauce on and mix it in a bowl. Talk about spoiled kids (only food wise, of course)...

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